Stephanie Apserou
Stephanie Apserou (BA, MA, PhD cand.) obtained a Bachelor in Greek Literature and a Master degree in Medieval and Modern Greek Literature from the University of Ioannina and she recently completed her doctoral studies. During her postgraduate studies she participated in the Erasmus Student Placement Programme and she visited the Centre of Hellenic Studies (CHS, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies) at King’s College of London. She had the opportunity to attend lectures, to participate in seminars and trainings, and also in various research projects organized by the King’s College - London in collaboration with the Department of Digital Humanities of the college and distinguished professors of British Universities. Since September 2012, Ms. Stephanie Apserou is working at GrantXpert Consulting Ltd as Research Associate and Assistant Project Manager for EU and National funded programmes. More specifically, she is responsible for the ERASMUS+ programmes and for the National Schemes entitled “Youth Entrepreneurship” and “Women Entrepreneurship”. She is also involved in the preparation of HORIZON 2020 proposals (Teaming, Science with and for Society, Marie Curie) and in the project management of such large projects.

Ms. Apserou has research expertise in projects that relate to the subject of new educational methodologies for the development of creative and innovative skills to students. She is also participating in research projects regarding the development of entrepreneurial and employability skills of young people and women. Additionally, she is involved in organizing seminars and events on behalf of GrantXpert which are aimed at young people, unemployed people and young entrepreneurs.

Currently, she is involved in the coordination and implementation of a great number of ERASMUS+ programmes and she is also involved in the preparation and implementation of HORIZON 2020 programmes. She is the Assistant Project Manager of a new Horizon Teaming Phase I project, CSRC, approved in 2017, aiming to develop the first Science Center of Cyprus, promoting an interactive science-learning environment and learning and communication of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), to the benefit of the Cyprus society.