INSPIREUS! 3rd Newsletter

The consortium of the INSPIRE US! project completed a series of pilot sessions in the framework of the project’s training programme this July. The recruitment call of the project was launched in May and in spite of the volatile situation due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many female entrepreneurs and aspiring ones expressed their interest to participate in the project.

Following a successful recruitment call, the most appropriate candidates were selected. The project team managed to hold really successful pilot sessions in Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia and Germany that were rewarding both for trainers and trainees. The pilot sessions had a duration of approximately 2,5 weeks and were a unique blend of mentoring, online self-study and thoughtful entrepreneurial guidance.

The “SHOW ME THE PATH” workshops, integral parts of this training programme of the INSPIRE US! project, were held in most partner countries virtually. Inspiring women entrepreneurs shared their tips and life experiences with the trainees while the most critical issues raised during the training were also discussed. Through networking and exchange of experiences and knowledge, aspiring women entrepreneurs felt empowered to start their own business. 

The pilot sessions and workshops took place in the period from May to July and the participants’ response was impressive. All of them had the opportunity to speak with successful women entrepreneurs, network with other like-minded individuals all over Europe and feel included in a diverse EU team

In Greece, the workshops took place at the premises of Four Elements in Greece. Eighteen people attended the workshop and took part in stimulating conversations on female entrepreneurship. Among the highlights of the workshop, were Ms. Vassia Manika’s speech on female entrepreneurship in which she stressed the importance of investing in one’s personal and professional development through training. 

The Inspire Us! pilot program in Germany was organized by the project partner ISOB GmbH. The workshops aimed at connecting local women entrepreneurs with aspiring women entrepreneurs. Two prominent guest speakers were invited: Mrs. Teresa Valente from StoryTellMe Ltd, project partner in Portugal and Mrs. Camilla Rodigrues, founder of the network Mulheres a Obra. In Slovenia, training on female entrepreneurship was initially planned to take place in Slovenian language. However, due to high demand of participation from other countries as well, the training took place in English. During the first and the second meeting, trainees asked for new, extra online training, which would give them a better overview of entrepreneurial path which is waiting for them which was provided by PIA.

The pilot of the INSPIREUS! educational program was held in Portugal in June. 15 women participated and the general atmosphere was incredibly positive. The guest speaker was Mafalda Mendes de Almeida, from BLOOM - Focus on the Good, who gave an attentive perspective, remarkably interesting in this period of COVID-19, performing online a breathing session.

The pilot application of the INSPIREUS! educational programme was concluded in Cyprus in early June 2020. In total 18 females, young & aspiring entrepreneurs participated. The participants rated favourably the fact that they were able to join a dynamic group of likeminded female entrepreneurs; Eleven participants attended the “SHOW ME THE PATH” workshop in Italy. 

The participants’ enthusiasm was very remarkable, so as their willingness to test the Moodle platform and the EU Network forum.

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Publication Date: 15/10/2020

INSPIREUS! 3rd Newsletter