Christina Achilleos

Christina is an EU Funding Consultant, Head of Erasmus+ Unit at GrantXpert Consulting. She holds a degree in Business Administration (First Class Honours’) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the University of Leicester. She is a full-time member at GrantXpert Consulting for the past 6+ years. Christina is an expert proposal writer, with a track record in National and European funding programmes such as: Horizon Europe (Horizon 2020), EIC Accelerator, Erasmus+, Interreg, Interreg Med, JPI Cultural Heritage, RIF calls (Cy National Funding Programmes related with Research & Innovation). Holding a strong project management profile, particularly in projects funded by Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, Interreg and Interred Med, Christina leads the Erasmus+ Unit at GrantXpert.

Alongside her EU funding expertise and consulting role, Christina is also a trainer and mentor in areas related with the development of environmental sustainability, circular economy and green entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. Early on in her career, Christina has worked with one of the world’s energy efficiency leaders (i.e., Schneider Electric), and has developed a keen interest in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental and green sustainability, circular system thinking & circular economy, and since joining GrantXpert, is intensively and continuously building her expertise on these areas, through the implementation of relevant EU funded projects. Particularly, Christina invests considerable time in developing training material under these thematic areas, and also trains a wide range of target groups on changing the mindset and adopting effective sustainability strategies.