Elina Spiliotakopoulou
Elina Spiliotakopoulou is currently a member of GrantXpert team, working as an EU Funding Consultant, managing projects mostly under the “Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Scheme, as well as implementing proposals under other National Funding Schemes (Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism). Elina is also responsible for the implementation and management of “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”, a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other EU Participating Countries. 

After completing her BA in Economic Studies, she received her MSc in Science/Technology Policy & Management from Manchester Business School (MBS). Upon completion of her studies, she participated in two of the MBS’s projects as a research assistant and then she moved back to her home country, Greece. Elina worked for several years at a multi-disciplinary firm in Athens, as a Project Manager specializing in managing National and European cross-border projects. Effective, flexible, with critical decision-making initiatives, Elina considers challenges as an opportunity to apply her aptitude for providing solutions to complex problems. Elina is applying time management skills to combine the coordination of different projects (National and European), while exercising her interpersonal skills by working closely with a team of great researchers and managers.

Elina has more than 10 years’ experience in: 

- Administrative and Financial Management of European and National Funding Programmes. 

- Evaluation of co-financed infrastructure projects (on behalf of the European Commission - Directorate General for Regional Policy). 

- Overall project management, budgeting and financial monitoring. 

- Cost-Benefit Studies. 

- Research and Technology Proposals and Studies. 

- Dissemination of projects’ results. Elina has assessed 16 co-financed infrastructure projects of more than 10 bil. total budget and has implemented and managed various INTERREG cross-border projects of more than 4 mil. total budget (for public authorities).