Vangelis Spetzouras
Mr Vangelis Spetzouras is the Head of Training and Consulting Unit of GrantXpert Consulting since January 2021.

After completing his studies in European Studies (M.A), from the University of Aberdeen, Vangelis received his master’s degree in European Policy Analysis, from U.L.B. in Brussels. In 2010, he was also awarded his executive MBA, from Open University of Cyprus and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Greek, while he can communicate in Italian and German.

Since 2004, he has been working as a consultant in the area of European and nationally funded programmes, managing various projects for both the public and the private sector. He managed several multi-million EU funded programmes, as Technical Advisor, for the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Services. In his 16+ years of project management experience in EU funded programmes, he developed an in-depth knowledge and expertise in Social economy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Corporate Responsibility.

Since 2011, when he joined the University of Nicosia/Intercollege as Business Developer and Trainer, he developed significant training experience. He has more than 2.000 hours in formal training, while he has extensive experience in both formal and informal trainings to employees of both the public and the private sector. His expertise lies within the areas of: Project management, Business development, Business planning, Quality assurance management, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Experiential marketing and Wine and spirits education.

As a business consultant, he has developed his skills and mindset, preparing and managing small- and large-scale business plans and proposals in both national and EU level. He has extensive knowledge and remarkable success rate in co-funded calls, related to start-ups and youth entrepreneurship. His expertise in business consulting can be found in innovation and creativity. He has assisted numerous Cypriot companies to grow and overcome economic distress, with innovative and “out-of-the box” ideas. He is an entrepreneurship mentor, a CSR evaluator and a hospitality expert.