Evi Stavrou
Evi is the Social Media/Marketing Manager of GrantXpert Consulting since February 2022.

Evi is a skilled marketer who has worked on both online and offline campaigns during the past 3 years. Evi is the leader of all dissemination and communication activities of national and EU funded projects that GrantXpert is involved in. Her main areas of focus are social media management, digital advertising, design and implementation of dissemination plans and marketing strategies, event management and content creation.

Evi received her MSc (Hons) in New Technologies for Communication and Learning from the Cyprus University of Technology after completing her BA in Sociology from the University of Cyprus. She has experience in planning, launching, and analysing media campaigns, as well as curating content for a variety of clients, managing social media, organising professional events and handling email marketing activities. In her previous roles she was also in charge of email and video campaign execution, as well as analysis of Google analytics and design strategies for increasing brand visibility and introducing new products to the market.