Christina Sofroniou

Christina graduated from the Department of English Studies of the University of Cyprus in 2020, and completed her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management in 2022, at the same university.

Christina has been working at GrantXpert Consulting since June 2021. She is involved in the project implementation of a nationally funded project on behalf of the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) of Cyprus, working closely through a joint venture with the Grant Thornton expert team. Christina conducts both administrative/technical and financial checks. She is responsible for the examination of internal trainings conducted by Cypriot companies that request funding from HRDA. Her tasks include communicating with organisations and companies and collecting important information in order for the eligibility of the subsidy approved to be confirmed, while also processing and maintaining the information gathered, according to the GDPR compliance. She is also a member of the GrantXpert team that is responsible for the preparation of various monthly reports that need to be submitted to the Human Resource Development Authority.