Ouranio Anastasiou
‚ÄčOuranio completed her BSc studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Democritus University Thrace in Greece and her MSc in Medical Genetics at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. In 2021 she completed her PhD studies in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Cyprus, where she studied the Extracellular matrix adhesion independent roles of integrins and FA proteins. Alongside her studies Ouranio has been the project manager of the portal of rare diseases, and she represented Cyprus in a pan-European Consortium known as Orphanet. During her studies she acquired experience in the implementation, development and management of projects from the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation and from other EU funding bodies. Her contribution in proposal management and writing resulted in a total funding of approximately 500000 euro for the University of Cyprus, while her PhD work resulted in 2 publications in the well-established and widely known scientific journals: Science Signaling (if 8.5) and Cell Reports (if 10.5).

Her work has been awarded by the University of Cyprus with the Award of Academic Excellence, School of Applied Sciences 2020-2021 and with the Award of Academic Excellence and Research Innovation, University of Cyprus 2020-2021. She has also been awarded with the PhD scholarship for Academic Excellence by the University of Cyprus in 2021.

After her studies, Ouranio was assigned as the Project Manager of Cyprus for the consortium of European Reference Network (ERN) for all patients with one of the rare genetic tumour risk syndromes (genturis), while she was working as a postdoctoral fellow at Karaiskakio Foundation at the departments of Molecular and Clinical Genetics. During this time, Ouranio was awarded with the European Fellowship 2022 by the European Society of Human Genetics and with the Cyprus Society of Human Genetics Fellowship 2022 for her work in the field.

Ouranio joined the GrantXpert team in July 2022 as a Senior Project Manager and her work focuses on projects funded by different EU funding programmes, likeErasmus+, Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, etc.  
Her interests focus on sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation and digital skills development.