Series of webinars for Family Businesses: Moving forward in a post-COVID world

A European team of experts in family businesses across 9 EU countries (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, UK, Germany, Belgium and Malta) is offering a series of webinars during the first quarter of 2021, completely free of charge, as part of the SPRING Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances project. Through an innovative university-industry cooperation, our team, consisting of renowned academics and consultants in the family business area, aims to make family businesses more resilient, competitive, profitable and sustainable with higher growth potential through an innovative and hands-on online Training and Consultancy programme.

The online training, fully funded by the European Commission, will provide attendees with the current tools and practical tips for successful succession planning, balancing intergenerational dynamics, developing key leadership skills and building a strategy for continuity, internationalisation and surviving the current pandemic crisis.

Following the training, each family business will be assigned a mentor who will provide free consulting services for family business, with whom you will be able to discuss your strategy for continuity, your succession plan and other concerns you may have regarding your company’s long-term survival, within a challenging post-COVID economic environment. Moreover, a Self-assessment and Matrix tool will be provided completely free of charge to family businesses that participate in our webinars. The benefit of the SPRING Succession Self-assessment and Matrix tool is that it can assist you in creating an objective evaluation of the current situation within your family business with regards to succession. This can then be used as a basis for deciding on priorities for action within your family business, and signpost you to the most appropriate SPRING training modules.

More information concerning this training programme is provided in the attached leaflet.

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The training will be conducted digitally through a series of webinars. These webinars with expert guest speakers from Cyprus and abroad will take place on a weekly basis, throughout January, February and March, via electronic platforms.

For more information please contact Dr Nayia Nicolaou at 22669266 or via email ( 

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Publication Date: 08/12/2020

Series of webinars for Family Businesses: Moving forward in a post-COVID world
Series of webinars for Family Businesses: Moving forward in a post-COVID world