Business Plans

In many EU programmes it is a prerequisite to present along with the application form a business plan or a feasibility study. Thus our team has developed a relevant expertise in this field, having prepared more than 60 business/feasibility plans in the past 4 years. Besides utilising these plans for the obtainment of EU funding, many clients present them to financial institutions in order to receive approval for business loans. Our Head of the Business Consulting department has more than 35 years of experience in the banking and financial sector and can thus provide valuable advice and expert consulting services to people interested to start their own company or develop and grow their existing company and need to calculate in detail this future plan in financial and accounting terms. Our Business Consulting team follows the template of business plans provided by the University of Cambridge. This is a comprehensive 30-page plan for the development of a new or an existing company, covering a narrative and a financial part.

Proposal Writing

GrantXpert has developed an expert team of professionals on proposal writing for EU and structural funds. This expertise has been developed in the past ten years, having written more than 100 proposals, with high success rates in all programmes that we have been involved with.

Proposal writing includes:
  • The coordination of all partners involved in order to obtain the information and documentation required by each organisation
  • Writing the technical and administrative parts of the application form
  • Preparing the budget on behalf of all the partners involved
  • Checking that all documents and information is provided correctly and on time and
  • Preparing the final application package and submitting it before the deadline (either electronically or in hard copy, depending on the Programme’s requirements).

If you want to contact us regarding our proposal writing services, please click here to fill in our official request form.


GrantXpert provides customised training seminars to Cypriot organisations (Research Centres, Universities, SMEs, NGOs, etc) and to individuals who are interested to learn more about EU funding opportunities. Our seminars are distinguished due to the fact that we present complicated legal terms and the so called Brussels terminology in an easy to understand way, using simplified language. Also we always present the advantages and disadvantages of each programme, so that the client is fully aware of all aspects relating to each programme.

Project Management

Once our proposal is successful, we make sure that all involved partners and clients handle the project in accordance to the programme administrative and financial rules, following closely the project’s time framework and deliverables’ schedule. This ensures that our clients and partners receive the whole amount of money that they have been approved of. This is something that adds great value to our services, since many organisations struggle with financial management since the so called “Brussels” language and the complex financial rules make it hard for newcomers to comprehend and at the same time implement all that is required from them. Thus GrantXpert guides its clients and partners throughout the project duration on all logistics, administrative and financial issues, until the final payment of the grant is settled.

In the past 3 years our company has hired an expert financial manager who handles the financial administration of all projects at local and EU level and since then we have had 100% absorption rate for both our company and our clients/partners. This is a key advantage that differentiates our company from other EU consulting companies.

GrantXpert has also developed an expertise as the dissemination partner of large EU funded projects, handling the communication and awareness activities that take place throughout the project duration. To this end, GrantXpert utilises both traditional and new media to achieve its purpose of making the projects that the company is involved in well known to the general public and to targeted stakeholder groups.


GrantXpert staff includes post-doctoral and doctoral students who are very experienced in implementing funded research projects in diverse areas, with a main emphasis in areas like entrepreneurship education, SME competitiveness, employability and entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, etc.

EU Partnerships

In order for EU proposals to be successful, consortiums of partners are necessary in many EU funding programmes, either as an obligatory requirement of the programme or a suggested condition to have more chances of having your proposal approved. Through the past 10 years,

GrantXpert has developed a wide professional network of partners from diverse areas, including universities, NGOs, research centres, consulting and training companies, SMEs, municipalities, etc. Thus our clients trust us that we will not only handle the proposal writing part but we will develop the right consortium of partners for each Call. Currently our network of EU partners consists of more than 100 organisations coming from more than 15 EU countries and this is enriched on a continuous basis.

Stages of Services

GrantXpert is a one-stop shop for EU funding programmes. We provide comprehensive services throughout the project cycle, starting from informing interested people and organisations about the available EU programmes and completing our work by making sure our client has received in full the final payment by the relevant authority.