Level Up

LEVEraging knowLedge of training providers in UPskilling and reskilling of SMEs’ managers and employees towards empowering their digital transformation

START DATE: January 1, 2023
FINISH DATE: December 31, 2025


PROGRAMME: Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)

Co-funded by the European Union

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To empower the labor force of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digital competencies through the development and provision of short-term, high-quality and industry-oriented training courses. The courses will focus on the key capacity areas of: Cybersecurity, data literacy, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), microelectronics/ microcontrollers, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing and modelling, cloud and programming.

The training courses will be customized to be relevant to different industry sectors, including the healthcare, finance, insurance, agriculture-food, agritech, energy, manufacturing and telecommunications sectors.



GrantXpert Consulting Ltd (CY)


  •  JOIST Innovation Park (GR)
  • Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries (STHEV) (GR)
  • Centro per Lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT)
  • Cyprus Information Technologies Enterprises Association – CITEA (CY)
  • Digian (GR)
  • Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CY)
  • European University – Cyprus Ltd (CY)
  • Hellenic Digital Health Cluster Private Company/ Hellenic Digital Health Cluster (GR)
  • Informatikai, Tavkozlesi Es Elektronikai Vallalkozasok Szovetsege (HU)
  • Prizztech Oy (FI)
  • Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza Pomorza – RIGP (PL)
  • Stackfuel GmbH (DE)


  •  Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie Gmbh – BPWT (DE)


Activity 1: State of the art analysis of labour market skills for digital transition

The Level Up approach will be based on a holistic overview of the advanced digital skills required by SMEs in European level. A state-of-the-art analysis of the labour market will ensure that the core digital skills will hold great value for the SMEs and in addition will provide evidence of market requirements in terms target audience and affordability. This first stage of the project will identify the particular needs that Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), business, and job seekers have in relation to their industry sector (e.g., healthcare, food, energy, agriculture). The target companies and organizations are located in seven EU countries Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Finland. The aim of the state of the art analysis of labour market skills for digital transition is to adjust the scope of the training courses that will be developed during the duration of the project, to those needs.

Activity 2: Design and development of the training courses

Level Up will create a new pool of training courses on the basis of the experience and expertise of the consortium training partners. These new courses will be designed and developed according to the results of the extensive market research and the transnational collaboration of the partners. A total of 100 courses dedicated to business leaders and managers, employed people and job seekers will be designed and developed by the involved partners. The training courses will be customised in order to be relevant to different industry sectors, including the healthcare sector, finance, insurance, but also, agriculture-food, agritech, energy, manufacturing and telecommunications sector.

Activity 3: Implementation and evaluation of training courses

Level Up will implement courses at both local and international level on a multi-targeted audience namely business leaders and managers, job seekers and employees. The final stage of the project follows the design and development of the training courses and is focusing on the delivery and implementation of those to the target group, so as to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency. Participants’ learning gains in terms of key capacity areas which are the foci of this project (i.e., data analytics, data science, AI, IoT, microelectronics, 3D printing and 3D modelling etc) and overall experience will be evaluated through the use of appropriate instruments and real-world assignments

Website: https://levelup-skills.eu/