SAVE Startups 2nd Newsletter

The Save Start-ups project partnership continues to work on the project's outputs during the COVID19 pandemic outbreak 

"This is a hard time for all of us, because we are facing an unusual uncertainty & fear. The pandemic has created a new reality, which is dictating new rules of life & work; all of us, are forced to work remotely, and mostly from home. Is the digital way of life here to stay? Time will show. 

Our SAVE project team has quickly adapted to this new "digital norm", and is promoting synergies achieved through frequent online meetings & undisrupted digital communication. Our aim is to deliver a digital & forward-looking Curriculum, which includes module units, that can help start-uppers to grasp the essentials of digital entrepreneurship. On one hand, new realities boost the need of a digital business model, even further; thus, start-uppers & young entrepreneurs (today, more than ever) need to have digital-available resources, so they can remain competitive & up-to-date. 

On the other hand, digital technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT are trending, so start-uppers need to be in a position to understand, how these technologies, can have an impact on their own start-ups. Can start-ups adopt these technologies when creating their initial business model? Can these technologies be considered as added-value for them? Last but not least, do start-uppers possess the digital skills & core knowledge of a world already in the era of Industry 4.0? 

Our project team is working really hard to develop a set of 7 digital module units embracing the concepts of digital entrepreneurship & Industry 4.0, adapting their development on m-learning model. 

Continue reading our newsletter to learn more about how we plan to proliferate the opportunities of m-learning.

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Publication Date: 27/11/2020

SAVE Startups 2nd Newsletter